Adidal Abou-Chamat

The photographs and videos of the artist and ethnologist, Adidal Abou-Chamat, deal with being alienated and different as well as the search for one’s cultural identity. The urge to explore these particular themes may well lie in her personal history, her border crossings between middle European and Arab cultures. This being-in-between provides a glimpse into hybrid (living) forms and endows a high level of integrity to the themes and discourses in her work.
However, it is not only cultural differences and peculiarities but also the assignation of gender roles, prejudices and clichés that she makes visible female, male and queer bodies. In her videos and installations, her protagonists convey questions of difference, identity, cultural and ethnical dominance as well as marginalisation and stigmatisation through their skin colour, clothing and habitat.

Susanne Jakob
Translation Heather Allen